All compositions

The table below lists all major works from 1999 to present. Use the buttons to select a different view.

Choral short
Choral long
Let us now praise famous menLarger-scale choralSATB + organHaslemere Festival20193
Beggar's OperaMusic dramaChorus, Soli, strings + harpsichordImagine that productions201985
The Bee CarolChoralSATB + pianoBBC Carol competition20183
Lord for thy tender mercy's sakeChoralSATB + pianoExcelsis Chamber choir20183
Ave verumChoralSSAATTBBRobert Lewis20182.5
Piano quartet in CChamberPiano, violin, viola, cello201820
Sir ChristemasChoralSATBBBC Carol competition20172
Beatus VirLarger-scale choralSSAATTBB, Soprano solo + stringsComposition concert20176
Feelings come and feelings goChoralSATB + SATBHaslemere Festival20172
A Midsummer Night's DreamMusic dramaChorus, Soli + strings Imagine that productions201760
Alleluia! A New WorkChoralSATB + pianoBBC Carol competition20163
Everton Wedding MarchSoloOrganWedding commission20162
Come the LightChoralSATB + pianoBBC Carol competition20153
Non nobisChoralSATB + organHaslemere Festival20153
Songs from Three CountiesLarger-scale choralSATB + orchestraHaslemere Musical Society201515
Cana BossaChoralSATB + jazz trioWedding Commission20153
Waverley MassChoralCongregation, SATB + organHaslemere Parish Church20148
Dixit DominusLarger