All compositions

The table below lists all major works from 1999 to present. Use the buttons to select a different view.

Let us now praise famous menLarger-scale choralSATB + organHaslemere Festival20193
Beggar's OperaMusic dramaChorus, Soli, strings + harpsichordImagine that productions201985
The Bee CarolChoralSATB + pianoBBC Carol competition20183
Lord for thy tender mercy's sakeChoralSATB + pianoExcelsis Chamber choir20183
Ave verumChoralSSAATTBBRobert Lewis20182.5
Piano quartet in CChamberPiano, violin, viola, cello201820
Sir ChristemasChoralSATBBBC Carol competition20172
Beatus VirLarger-scale choralSSAATTBB, Soprano solo + stringsComposition concert20176
Feelings come and feelings goChoralSATB + SATBHaslemere Festival20172
A Midsummer Night's DreamMusic dramaChorus, Soli + stringsImagine that productions201760
Alleluia! A New WorkChoralSATB + pianoBBC Carol competition20163
Everton Wedding MarchSoloOrganWedding commission20162
Come the LightChoralSATB + pianoBBC Carol competition20153
Non nobisChoralSATB + organHaslemere Festival20153
Songs from Three CountiesLarger-scale choralSATB + orchestraHaslemere Musical Society201515
Cana BossaChoralSATB + jazz trioWedding Commission20153
Waverley MassChoralCongregation, SATB + organHaslemere Parish Church20148
Dixit DominusLarger-scale choralSATB + stringsHaslemere Singers201415
Sounding quiet and loudChamberBrass octetReed's brass ensemble20146
Piano trio in GChamberPiano, violin + celloAlaunus Ensemble201313
Magnificat and Nunc dimitus in FChoralSATB + organHaslemere Festival201310
Music for AdventLarger-scale choralSATB, Baritone solo, strings + oboeHaslemere Singers201310
Hymn to the Everlasting GodChoralChoir and organReed's School Bicentenary St Paul's Cathedral20136
Chamber Symphony in F minorOrchestralChamber orchestraChrist's hospital201210
Miserere MeiChoralSSAATTBB + soprano soloLewes Singers20126
The Peace of GodChoralSATB + pianoRSCM Competition20122.5
Sonata For Flute, Violin, Cello and PianoChamberFlute, violin, cello + pianoAlaunus Ensemble201110
Hymn to the WordChoralChoir, strings horns + harpHaslemere Festival20118
Festival CantataLarger-scale choralSoprano solo, choir + orchestraHaslemere Musical Society201110
Ring out, wild bellsChoralSATB + SATB + OrganHaslemere Festival20093
Stabat MaterLarger-scale choralSATB, strings + pianoSt. Bartholemew's Church200930
Three songs 'As you like it'Larger-scale choralSSAATTBBEsterhazy Choir20089
Piano quintetChamberPiano, violin, violin, viola, cello20085
Preces and Responses ( in G)ChoralSATBCantores landavensis20078
Do Not Fear, O SoilChoralSS + organBBC competition20062
Missa brevisChoralSATB + organHurst School20069
Woodard ServiceChoralTrebles + organHurst School20066
Cello SonataChamberCello + piano200612
About TimeMusic dramaBlues musical for Saxophones + keyboardHurst School200560
Thou O God, art praised in SionChoralSATB + organHurst School20053
Come my way, my truth, my lifeChoralSATB + Soprano soloLlandaff Parish20053
Two Wordsworth songsChoralSSA + pianoStaveley Choral Society20046
Flute SonataChamberFlute + piano200410
Love divine, all loves excellingChoralSSAATTBBCantores landavensis20032
Sonatina for bassoon and pianoChamberBassoon + piano20037
And now another day is goneChoralSATB + organCantores landavensis20013
Kentdale massChoralCongregation, SATB + organKendal Parish church20018
God be in my headChoralTrebles + organSalisbury Cathedral20012.5
Magnificat and Nunc dimitus in EChoralSATB + organCantores landavensis19998