Short Choral Compositions

The table below lists choral compositions under 6 minutes. Use the buttons to select a different view.

Choral short
Choral long
Alleluia! A New WorkChoir and pianoBBC Carol competition2016
And now another day is goneChoir and organCantores landavensis2001
Ave verumEight-part choirRobert Lewis2018
Cana BossaChoir and jazz trioWedding Commission2015
Come my way, my truth, my lifeSoprano and choirLlandaff Parish2005
Come the LightChoir and pianoBBC Carol competition2015
Do Not Fear, O SoilTrebles and organBBC competition2006
Feelings come and feelings goDouble choirHaslemere Festival2017
God be in my headTrebles and organSalisbury Cathedral2001
Kentdale massChoir and organKendal Parish church2001
Let us now praise famous menChoir and organHaslemere Festival2019
Lord for thy tender mercy?s sakeChoir and pianoExcelsis Chamber choir2018
Love divine, all loves excellingChoirCantores landavensis2003
Magnificat and Nunc dimitus in EChoir and organCantores landavensis1999
Magnificat and Nunc dimitus in FChoir and organHaslemere Festival2013
Missa brevisChoir and organHurst School2006
Non nobisChoir and organHaslemere Festival2015
Preces and Responses (set 1 in G)ChoirCantores landavensis2007
Ring out, wild bellsDouble choir and OrganHaslemere Festival2009
Sir ChristemasFour-part choirBBC Carol competition2017
The Bee CarolChoir and pianoBBC Carol competition2018
The Peace of GodChoir and organRSCM Competition2012
Thou O God, art praised in SionTrebles and organHurst School2005
Two Wordsworth