Body of work

Clive’s career in composing stretches back to the 1990s.

The table below shows all his major works. You can use the filter buttons to narrow the list.

Showing: all compositions, 1999-present

Choral short
Choral long
Let us now praise famous menLarger-scale choralSATB + organHaslemere Festival20193
Beggar's OperaMusic dramaChorus, Soli, strings + harpsichordImagine that productions201985
The Bee CarolChoralSATB + pianoBBC Carol competition20183
Lord for thy tender mercy's sakeChoralSATB + pianoExcelsis Chamber choir20183
Ave verumChoralSSAATTBBRobert Lewis20182.5
Piano quartet in CChamberPiano, violin, viola, cello201820
Sir ChristemasChoralSATBBBC Carol competition20172
Beatus VirLarger-scale choralSSAATTBB, Soprano solo + stringsComposition concert20176
Feelings come and feelings goChoralSATB + SATBHaslemere Festival20172
A Midsummer Night's DreamMusic dramaChorus, Soli + strings Imagine that productions201760
Alleluia! A New WorkChoralSATB + pianoBBC Carol competition20163
Everton Wedding MarchSoloOrganWedding commission20162
Come the LightChoralSATB + pianoBBC Carol competition20153
Non nobisChoralSATB + organHaslemere Festival20153
Songs from Three CountiesLarger-scale choralSATB + orchestraHaslemere Musical Society201515
Cana BossaChoralSATB + jazz trioWedding Commission20153
Waverley Mass